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Quote of the day! Honeymoon Project Cyprus

No matter where the journey takes you, enjoy the adventure!

Sri Lanka - Honeymoon Project Cyprus

Sri Lanka:

Unparalleled Natural Beauty
An exotic island resembling the shape of a tear, located south of India, Ceylon, as it used to be called. Home to endless beaches, ancient cities, the three crown diamonds, tea plantations and the ever-smiling inhabitants make up a rising exotic destination that will give you a memorable experience.


Natural Beauty & Luxury.
A trip to Bali will bring you closer than ever. Discover each-other in the wonderful landscapes of Indonesia among natural beauty and Luxury Honeymoon set-ups.
Be ready to live a one of a kind experience. 


Asia - Honeymoon Project Cyprus


The Land of Smiles.
Wonderful, colourful, magical Thailand. Let the beautiful wonders of this country to be the background of your sweetest memories. Cities with malls, exquisite food and shopping outlets in the most exotic combination.

Monks in Thailand - Honeymoon Project Cyprus


A Dream Destination.​
Unique & diverse, a lifetime experience awaits you. Challenging, charming, fascinating the US has it all. Sky-buildings & theme parks, 
luxurious & glamorous, incentive & relaxing. Name it, live it, cherish it.
New York City - Honeymoon Project Cyprus
Cuba - Honeymoon Project Cyprus



Amazing, wild and alive.

Cuba is one of the top destinations for newlyweds.

Experience the ultimate earth paradise and signal your new life together with authentic beauty, timeless charm and passion for life.



Maldives - Honeymoon Project Cyprus


Unconditional romance.
The perfect gateway for heavenly memories in earth. Palm trees and crystal clear waters under the warm sun and a sky full of stars. Take the hand of your love one and walk along the sandy beach leaving your footprints signal your new journey in life. 


Passion & breathtaking Views.

Let the Greek air take your breath away while promising love and loyalty to your other half. The ultimate couple trip to capture each-others heart while sunset brings you closer than ever.

Eat, pray. love in the most amazing and wonderful Greek island of Santorini.

Santorini - Honeymoon Project Cyprus


Thousand and one nights for the rest of your lives.
Experience the true Arabian culture with unsurpassed charm, luxury and style. Visit the most cosmopolitan destination with the love of your life and start your common journey under the stars of magical Arabian nights. 

UAE - Honeymoon Project Cyprus


Two tickets to Paradise. 
It's easy to see why Hawaii has become synonymous with paradise. With sugary beaches, Technicolor coral reefs and volcanoes beckoning adventurous spirits is the ideal destination for a lifetime experience!

Hawaii - Honeymoon Project Cyprus
Paris - Honeymoon Project Cyprus


The city of eternity love. 
Begin your life as newlyweds to the capital of love and passion. Make your love to blossom under the Eiffel tower and express your devotion to your other half under the Parisian moonlight.

Japan - Honeymoon Project Cyprus


Mysterious charming. 
Discover the mysterious Japanese culture and experience a different and a diversed country that embraces technology and modernism like no other!

Greek Islands - Honeymoon Project

Greek Islands:

The Land of all kind of blue shades.


Magical sunsets, blue flag beaches and breathtaking Views.

Let the Greek air take your breath away while promising love and loyalty to your other half.