Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ


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How can we book our Honeymoon?

Book your Honeymoon easy and with professionalism by contacting us at +357 22 250884, or email us at, or simply submit one of our online Quote forms.


How much deposit do we need to pay in advance? 

Our deposit is set at 40% of your trip total price.

If we change our plans can we cancel our bookings? 

Please refer to your booking Cancellation Policy and Terms & Conditions to check what is applicable.

You may also want to check our Terms & Conditions , Organised Travel Packages Regulations.

How will we know our destination is safe and open for travel?

Our team is monitoring the situation around the world on current conditions, including consulting with all applicable governmental agencies. We will be in touch if we believe there is any reason to be concerned about your destination or if there is a possibility that we may not operate your trip.

We are also enhancing our existing health & hygiene protocols to ensure every aspect of your trip is as safe as it can be.

What happens if a destination is deemed unsafe before or during travel?

Your Health and Safety is our priority! We won't operate any tour or package unless we're confident that we can keep you safe and healthy and provide a high-quality experience. If we decide that it's best to not operate your trip, or are unable due to travel restrictions, we will work with you to modify your travel plans accordingly with the minimum risk of cancellations fees & penalties. Please read carefully your booking conditions in advance. 


In the unlikely event that something happens while you're on tour that might interrupt your trip or put you at risk—we've got your back. Rest assured that we'll get you home as quickly and safely as possible, working with our partners and the authorities and using all of our resources and expertise.

Even with the most meticulous of planning, international travel is still sometimes unpredictable. We strongly recommend you purchase travel insurance that provides coverage for many of these unforeseen situations, please consult with one of our Travel Expert Consultants for the available covers and options.

What is applicable for Bookings alternations and cancellations related to COVID-19?

Check our COVID-19 Protocol here.

Do we need Visa for our destination?

Our experts can help you with visa requirements. Please note that in some cases services are provided at additional cost. Please visit this external link to check your visa requirements and let us know in case you need any further assistance.

For any further information regarding  your reservation, please contact your personal Travel Expert Consultant at +357 22 250884 or